Classic Poker Tells


The game of poker is always won by the person with the best poker face. One may think that it is therefore difficult to be able to out a player in an online poker game, as you cannot see their face. This is incorrect, because by taking a look at a player’s Poker tells, you can figure out if they are bluffing or not. Here are some classic poker tells that you can use to guide your game.

Classic poker tells

By studying a poker player’s betting patterns, you can try to determine their Poker tells. These are highly dependable, and can really assist the online poker player. For this to work, you will need to take a look at how this person has played in the past and how they are currently playing. These patterns will then be used to figure out how the person is likely to play in the current game.

  • How the player buys in: Check to see if the person buys in fully or settles for a short rack.
  • Watch how the player approaches the game: The person who fumbles and acts like an amateur usually is one and is likely to be unsure of their game, which is when you can take advantage.
  • When do they call: If a player lets a lot of time pass before they call, it probably means that they do not have a very strong hand. If they call fast, it means they want to draw cards. This can be accurate unless it means that the online player was busy with some other activity in the real world and that was why they couldn’t attend to their game in time.
  • Trash talk: If the person is trying to put you down over chat, they are likely to be bluffing so it is best to ignore them and really focus on your hand.

Setting up fake Poker tells

Now that you have watched how other poker players play, it only makes sense that you take advantage of the Poker tells you have learned so that you can set up some fake tells to make yourself look invincible. You can do this by dramatizing the way you play just to put players who may have been noting your playing patterns, so as to throw them off. Try this by taking a bit of time to call even when you have a strong hand, or acting as if you are unfamiliar with the way the game is played so that people will mistake you for a beginner. Another way to do use Poker tells to your benefit is to take advantage of timezones when you play with players across the globe. When you are at your peak, your opponent may be just waking up or drunk late at night, so they will not be at their best performance and that is when you can close in on them and win the game.

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