Global Poker Index


When poker players want to know how they rank against each other across the world, they look to the Global Poker Index. This is a ranking system for live tournament poker players, which uses a patent pending impartial system to rank players around the world.

The Global Poker Index releases data of the top 300 poker players from around the world every week. This is calculated by taking a look at the poker player’s performance over six 6-month periods.

2015 GPI Player of the Year

According to the Global Poker Index, Byron Kaverman was the top poker player for 2015, with a GPI score of 4736.90. Through various poker tournaments, Kaverman won around $3.5 million throughout 2015, which amounts to over half of his earnings throughout his career.

Why the GPI is Important

The Global Poker Index uses several powerful algorithms so that there can be a proper account done for field sizes, aging factors and buy-in factors in order to calculate which poker players from around the world are the ones who have remained at the top of their game consistently. These GPI rankings can be filtered by region, country, genre and even range.

According to GPI, an individual event can also be accounted for using the product of the buy-in factor, aging factor and finishing percentage factor.

  • Finishing percentage factor: This is the finishing position that is relative to the tournament’s field size. The more the number of poker participants in a given tournament, the lesser is the percentage between the base scores of that tournament.
  • Buy-in factor: This is the event buy-in amount as related to the baseline buy-in amount for the tournament. If there is a high buy-in, the tournament is more likely to attract more higher ranked poker players.
  • Aging factor: The age of the tournament is also taken into account to calculate the GPI. It takes into account the poker players’ performance over a three year period, so that there can be some reward given for the poker player’s consistency in performance.
  • To keep the score balanced so that it is not unfairly skewed in favour of players who take part in a lot of tournaments, the GPI sets a maximum number of tournaments over a half year period for each poker player.

Changing the face of poker

As of November 2015, USA Today and the Global Poker Index have entered into a collaboration so that they can modernize the way poker is played today. The way this will work is that poker will be given a sporty flavor to make it exciting to follow, just as sports games like NFL are today. The plans afoot are to make 12 poker leagues across the globe, and any poker players that feature in the top 1000 GPI ranks can be slotted into 5 person rosters. This will certainly be an interesting development if poker players turn out to watch the game in huge numbers as they do to play the game

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