Limit and no limit Poker


A lot of people start out playing no limit poker, but there are a lot of advantages to be had playing limit poker. If you are confused about what the difference between Limit and no limit poker are and would like to know how to play Limit and no limit poker, this is exactly the guide that you need. Read more here.

Main differences between Limit and no limit poker

    • Starting Hands: Big card hands that are not of the matching suit can certainly earn you big rewards in a limit game, but when you are playing a no limit poker game, this same hand can help you run up some huge losses. Stay away from hands like the AQ if you want to win your no limit poker game.
    • Cannot change the odds of the jackpot: The limit poker game has a structured wagering system in place, which makes it near impossible to change the odds of the pot. This can be a disadvantage only because you cannot save your hand, but it turns into a huge advantage when you manage to avoid losing your entire set of cards. That said, the odds can always be changed in the event of a huge bet or a raise, so that is something to watch out for.
    • Difference in the odds: No limit poker players can stick on to a losing hand throughout the game and still win a decent jackpot. In limit play, it is much more important to keep an eye on the pot odds so that you can win the game. When you are comparing Limit and no limit poker, it is important to remember that no limit is not as structured and mechanical as the limit game is, and therefore the odds are different.
    • Variation in bet size: In a no limit poker game, the size of your wager tells other players how good your hand is. Therefore, to give away less information to other poker players, no limit players tend to keep their bet sizes similar so that nothing is given away. This makes the game play a lot like a limit poker game, thanks to how predictable it becomes.
    • Time your bluffs: When you are playing Limit and no limit poker, a well-time bluff is crucial to your game. That’s why you need to know exactly when you should play your bluff, especially in a limit poker game. Read more about how to bluff here.
    • Safeguard your hand: In a limit poker game, you need to know how to play aggressive poker while keeping your hand safe so that you do not get your bet called. This will also tweak the odds in your favour and keep your opponents guessing as to what it is you are actually holding.
    • Size of your stack: In a no limit poker game, your bet size is significantly higher. Therefore, the depth of your stack matters as well. You can use this to threaten other players into folding even if you have an average hand.

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