Poker Odds Calculator

Poker Odds Calculator

In a game of poker, you care pitting yourself against certain odds in the hope that your wager will win you some big payouts. While you may hate math, probability is what influences these odds, so if you want to play a good game of poker, you will have to read up on poker odds and figure out your Poker odds calculator.

Calculating poker odds using probability

Probability is your best Poker odds calculator. You can use probability to determine outcomes of random events, such as a coin flip, for instance. The way this is calculated is by taking into consideration the number of possible outcomes and then dividing the number of individual events by this. For instance, when you are flipping a coin, there is a 50% chance of getting heads or tails, because each forms one side of a two sided coin.

When it comes to cards, you have 52 cards in the deck, so the total number of outcomes will vary depending on the type of card you expect to get. If you are trying to get a particular suit, you know that there are 13 of these cards, one for each of the four suits. The 13 ranks are from number two to Ace, and the Ace is the card that has the highest rank. Therefore, the chances of you getting an Ace in the first dealing, is one in thirteen, or 7.7%. The probability of you getting a spade as your first card is one in four, or 25%. Once a card is dealt, it is no longer in the main pile, so for instance, once you get an ace dealt in the first round, there are just four other aces left in the dealer’s pile, or community. Therefore, the probability for the second round changes to three out of 51 cards, or 5.9%.

Hole Pair probability

For Poker odds calculator, you need to figure out the probability of getting a particular set of cards as your hole pair. This is typically 0.45% for each card, and getting any of these 13 hole pairs has a probability of 5.9%.

Hand probability

Here are the odds of you getting a winning hand so that you can win against your opponent, for each round:

  • 83% odds of winning if yours is a high pair against two low cards
  • 82% odds of winning if yours is a high pair against a low pair
  • 71% odds of winning if yours is a middle pair and the opponent has one high card and the other low card
  • 63% odds of winning if yours are two high cards against two low cards
  • 55% odds of winning if yours are two high cards against two low cards

Your Poker odds calculator, should also take into consideration the fact that there are several different types of flushes that you can get so that you can beat your opponents. Brush up on your math so that you can stay on your toes during a poker game!

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