Understand the Basics of Football Betting Odd


If you are looking to score huge money while you are watching a football match and having a great time at your home it is just the right time to bet on the matches as you might just get lucky and winning some whopping returns. So all you need to know is what betting odd mean and how does it help you in scoring better money on the football matches.

What does Betting Odd mean?

If you have tuned into your most favourite football match and wondering what it is like to choose the probability of which team is going to win or not win hence it is important to know in depth about Betting odds in Football matches. Football Betting odds help you to calculate the probability of winning money once a bet is placed. They will also tell the probability of an event happening or not. Football betting is prevalent mainly in countries such as the UK, USA, Germany and other European countries.

Major Players in the Online Football Betting category

In the UK football is the sport which has the highest viewership so whenever there is an interesting clash going be ready to experience some thrilling bets happening across the nation. There are some great players in the online sports betting category and are explained below.

Sky Bet is one of the major players when it comes to providing sports betting on football and is one of the biggest sports brands in the UK. You can choose to bet using online methods, mobile devices, tablets or iPad devices. William hill is another online portal providing football betting so go ahead and check this exciting sports betting website.

There is a list of sports top betting sites across the UK such as:

  • Unibet
  • Bet 365
  • Paddy Power
  • Betfair
  • Apollo Bet
  • Betway Sports
  • Free Bets

Decimal and Fractional Betting odd

Betting odds calculate the probability of whether an event is happening or not and there are two kinds of betting variants used in a football betting titled as Decimal and Fractional. In Fractional betting the chances of winning is based on 1/9 times that means if you bet using £1 then you can win 9 times of your total bet, so you win £9. Decimals act as exchanges and they can be calculated as using the below examples:

  • 0 is calculated as 9.0 x£ 10 giving you £80 winnings
  • 25 is considered to be as 1.25 x £10 providing £30 winnings

Popular football tournaments in the UK

Below are few of the major football events every punters like to bet their stake on. Watch out for these as they not only entertain you, but also can make you some serious money.

  • U 20 World Cup
  • UEFA
  • World Cup
  • Olympic Football
  • English Premier League
  • FA Cup
  • French League Cup
  • EFL
  • Bundesliga
  • German Cup

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